About Us

K Factory is a manufacture of custom aftermarket parts (dream optional parts) for only “good” R/C cars. Each K Factory part is produced utilizing the most advanced design techniques and CNC machining to deliver incredible quality. The most important is that K Factory designers always have unique ideas to make your cars better.

The quality of K Factory parts is of course superb. Each & every part fit the cars like a glove, and most of them come with a full-color, illustrated instruction sheet that makes installation a breeze. The car with K Factory parts installed is not only more durable, but the overall performance is even more impressive than the stock cars. Small changes add up to the noticeable results. The K-Factory cars always felt more precise during cornering, and it definitely felt more nimble through most part of the track.

K Factory makes parts that not only look good, but are engineered to provide performance improvements as well. Try K Factory products, you will find every one of K Factory modifications is worthwhile.