Container Trucks and the Fleet Operators’ Choices

Containerisation of cargo for movement across continents by sea was a watershed moment in the worldwide logistics business. Today, hardly a fraction of the general cargo, leaving bulk materials like oil and grains aside, are shipped in break bulk or less than a container load. Once the containers are off loaded from the ships on to the harbour, the container trucks take over and the industry and business rely a lot on these trucks to haul the laden containers from the wharf to the yards or to the different inland destinations, and bring the empties back to be stuffed again with cargo and shipped out.

Some Makes and Models Good at this Haulage

Any logistics related activity is highly time bound. Removing the containers from the wharfs as soon as possible is critical to the shipping companies and reaching them to the destination would be a necessity for the customers and so on. Under such conditions, the wharf delivery trucks need to be reliable, capable of carrying the loads and be economical. In addition, the driver comfort factor has also become critical these days. This is because there is a general paucity of good drivers and the ones you wish to employ prefer those makes and models of container trucks which are good to drive on the roads, especially over long distances.

So the fleet operators give a lot of importance to all these factors while picking up the make and model of the container truck to bolster their fleet. There are heavy duty truck manufacturers of international repute who supply some of the best trucks for this line of duty, where one has to ply the trucks virtually throughout the whole 24 hours. That is how the ports and wharfs operate.

Saving on Costs Helps Pass on Benefits to the Customers

While every factor listed above is important for the fleet operators, the regular operating cost of the fleet of trucks that they run becomes very important for them. Here, two factors come into play. One is the weight that the truck carrying the containers can take and ply smoothly and deliver the cargo at the respective destinations. Even a small quantity of additional weight results in savings for the truck owner and in turn to the end customer; and of course the mileage the vehicle yields for every litre of diesel. So economy matters most.

In the case of the empty container trucks, this becomes even more pronounced if the chassis of the trucks are built such that they can handle double the number of empty containers than the laden ones in one trip. This means that only one vehicle is being used, instead of two and the cost savings are obvious. And the consolidated effect of causing less pollution by cutting down on the trips is a bonus contributed by the vehicle to the environment.

Another area is the need for frequent maintenance. Fleet operators, as already mentioned, work on very tight schedules and cannot afford breakdowns of their container trucks. The manufacturer has to make and supply these trucks to ensure they run smoothly and except the scheduled maintenance for servicing, no major trouble occurs.

Fuel Efficient Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

One of the biggest causes of environmental pollution in the world is the emission of green gases into the atmosphere. Most of these gases come from the use of machines including locomotives. While the gas emission from small cars is quite small, big trucks that are used to carry loads emit a lot of gas into the atmosphere. This is why there has be a lot of focus on impressing upon truck manufacturers to not only utilize production methods that are environmentally friendly, but also to manufacture trucks that produce reduced particulate material and little emissions. While most of the emphasis is put on heavy duty trucks, medium duty trucks for sale are not excluded from these initiatives. It is therefore always encouraging to find companies that actively and voluntarily manufacture trucks that preserve and conserve the environment.

As one of the biggest manufacturers of medium duty trucks for sale in Australia, it is commendable to see that UD trucks Corporation has taken the initiative to incorporate environmentally friendly ways when it comes to producing their semi trucks for sale. They also take that commitment seriously in other matters, like procuring raw materials and distributing their trucks. Furthermore, they offer training to drivers that will be responsible for operating their trucks.

This training helps this drivers ensure that their driving not only supports fuel efficiency, but also reduce the emissions into the environment. The company introduced the technology and insisted on it despite widespread skepticism regarding the effectiveness and practicality of this new system. This made UD Truck Corporation a pioneer in Urea SRC technology, which reduces particulate material, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. It is indeed commendable to see a company that is this committed to environmental initiatives.

The company has managed to ensure that the technology they use to reduce emission in their trucks is used not only on the heavy duty trucks but also on medium duty trucks, Japanese heavy duty semi trucks and light duty trucks. The medium duty trucks for sale not only meet the stringent Japanese standards on emissions of 2010 but they also comply with the 2015 standards as well. The company aims to show its commitment to environmental conservation not just by complying with existing regulations but by setting new standards as well. To know that they achieve all these while at the same time providing quality trucks at affordable prices is a very encouraging thing.

This is because the company follows the spirit of  gemba, which inspires the company to go the extra mile in everything they do. From the hiring of the employees, research and development of their trucks, the procurement of raw materials, the manufacturing processes involved in making the actual trucks, the distribution and actual sale of the vehicle, even up to the servicing of these  trucks – the company aims to always go the extra mile. This is why they are able to ensure that their processes are in accordance with their environmental agenda. The fact that their environmental agenda is incorporated in all their processes also ensures that their goals are achieved easily and economically.

Follow These Tips to Select the Best Semi Truck

If you want to join the transport industry with your own fleet of trucks, you can invest in used semi trucks, which can present a better deal than buying brand new models. However, here are some areas you need to observe in order to come up with a truck that can meet your needs adequately.

Buy from a recognized dealer: The used medium duty trucks Australia market offers trucks in different sizes, engine capacities, and body configurations. While private suppliers are available in the market, it is advisable to buy trucks from an established dealer that can guarantee the condition of the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to work together with your supplier to get the best truck that meets your needs. While buying from a private dealer may provide a cheaper option, an established dealer comes in handy when you have a problem with your truck that needs the attention of the supplier.

Ask your dealer questions: First off, you need to ask why the supplier is selling. If you buy from a private dealer, this is an important question that can provide insight into the condition of the car. Even if you buy from an established dealer, it is still important to probe the salesperson about the condition of the truck before you close the deal.

Find out insurance cost: Insurance costs for the used semi trucks Australia has vary from one truck to another. Some insurance companies charge higher prices that may eat into your profits. Select an insurer that offers adequate coverage at affordable costs.

Find a financier:  If you are investing in a fleet of used Japanese semi trucks, you may approach a financial institution for financial support. Some financiers may require that the truck meet certain requirements before they can offer funding, so ensure you get a reliable financier that you can trust.

Have a mechanic handy: By having an expert check the condition of the trucks before you buy, you can identify hidden potential problems that may be costly if left undetected. In that sense, your mechanic can help you determine the necessary repairs required for the truck.

Used semi trucks may be available from different suppliers in the market, but not all dealers can give you the vehicle of your dreams. To get the right company for semi trucks that meet your needs, it is important to take the time and browse the market in order to identify the right supplier.

Reviews often provide a reliable source of information about various suppliers. Read various reviews and locate one or two top suppliers in your community. Besides, customer feedback provides genuine information about a particular product or supplier. Do not neglect word of mouth. Referrals by peers in the transport industry can offer important leads to the best truck suppliers in the community.

Some qualities you need to check in your truck supplier include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Variety to meet the needs of various customers
  • Affordable prices

Observe these qualities and you are likely to land the best supplier for semi trucks in your community. Otherwise, to get used semi trucks in Australia, visit this link.

Why Choose New Trucks Over Old Trucks

When searching for a heavy duty truck, the very first question we need to ask ourselves is whether to buy a brand new or a used truck. Though there is no right and wrong answers to this question, it is an important aspect to consider when searching for trucks, be it medium duty or heavy duty. The quick answer to the question is “it depends”; this may sound silly, but it really depends on a lot of factors. New vs. Used Heavy Duty Trucks Like buying a new car, new trucks come with convenient perks and privileges. The most obvious one is the low maintenance cost and less downtime. Trucks are built for heavy loads and rough roads, thus, a truck with 500,000 mileage is still going to be okay, most of the time. However, once you hit the 600,000 to 800,000 mark, that’s when you can start to feel something odd and different. Obviously, when you buy heavy duty trucks or buy medium duty trucks, the total cost will be much higher. Used trucks are unbeatable in price. As a matter of fact, you can even get two used trucks for the price of one brand new truck. But the low maintenance cost and less downtime is a great tradeoff, especially if you’re running a time-sensitive business and transporting perishable goods, etc. Also, most new trucks in the market today, such as the UD trucks, are equipped with the latest technology for more powerful pull, smooth and quiet operation and fuel efficient engine, equipped with a variety of features that improves driving comfort and helps minimize the risks of accidents, and less driving fatigue. More and more heavy-duty truck manufacturers today equip their machines with selective catalytic reduction with nitrogen oxide in the exhaust, taking significantly less stress out of the engine. It All Boils Down to the Application  Choosing between new and used truck boils down to your own application: if you don’t want to handle diesel exhaust fluid, then you should choose used ones. Make sure you know exactly how you want to use the vehicle, and use it for its proper application. Mainly that your daily operation is similar or at least close to what the vehicle was built for. Consider the Mileage and How Often Will You Use the Truck If you’re torn between new or used trucks, and you use your truck to run a lot of miles regularly, then it is wiser to invest to a new truck. If your truck doesn’t travel a lot, say it only puts up 2000 miles a year, and spends most of its days parked, then a used truck will suffice. Bottom Line To sum it all up, the only advantage of used trucks over new trucks is the cheaper price tag that comes with them. Other than that, new trucks have the upper hand all the way. Newer engine models are more fuel efficient and more powerful, making them more reliable on the road. Thus, they require low maintenance and have less downtime. The best way to buy trucks is to ask around. Do your homework, visit auto and truck repair shops, and ask for recommendations especially from people who service and repair both heavy duty and medium duty trucks for a living. Also, talk to people who own trucks.